Tampa Bay Collaborative Divorce Group

Tampa Bay Collaborative Divorce Group

Collaborative Law is an excellent alternative to the traditional court-based, “fight at all costs” litigation system of divorce. It costs less, takes less time, causes less stress, opens up possibilities and should be considered by every divorcing couple.

The Tampa Bay Collaborative Divorce Group consists of three types of professionals:

Lawyers, Financial Professionals, and Facilitators

The Tampa Bay Collaborative Group is the most experienced collaborative divorce professional group in the Tampa Bay area. The lawyers in the Tampa Bay Collaborative Divorce Group are required to have a minimum of ten years of legal experience in the field of family law. They must be a member in good standing with the Florida Bar, they must be trained in collaborative law and actively practicing collaborative law. The financial professionals must have an aggregate of 20 hours of education in the financial fundamentals of divorce and at least one 30 hour training program in conflict resolution training or a minimum of 2 years hands on experience with divorces and no less than 50% of practice in family law. The facilitators must be licensed and have expertise in the area of family counseling. The facilitators function as collaborative facilitators. They must be licensed therapists, trained mediators, trained parent coordinators, and have experience in the area of family counseling and child development.


Introductory Collaborative Practice Training – September 11-12, 2015

Introductory Collaborative Practice Training with the forerunners of the Neutral MHP Collaborative model:

Lone Star Collaborative Trainers

You are invited to a unique opportunity to join in blazing the trail with Lone Star Trainers by attending their 2-Day Introductory Collaborative Practice Training in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.

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What is collaborative practice?

To learn about the differences between traditional litigation and collaborative law, Click Here.

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IACP Member

All members of the Tampa Bay Collaborative Divorce Group are members of the International Academy Of Collaborative Professionals.

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